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Whether you are just starting in speech pathology or a seasoned professional, learn from A to Z what you need to know about telepractice in this comprehensive course that will provide the foundation, hands-on practice, and knowledge you need to provide great service to any age clients you serve.  

Offering FOUNDING Member pricing for the August course.   In exchange for this founding member price, you are agreeing to provide feedback about the course content, format, and accessibility, provide a written testimonial about the course (with headshot). Additionally, you will also have "lifetime" access to the course which means for as long as I am teaching the course, you will have access. Each time the course is presented, the recordings will be available in an exclusive members area. Telepractice is evolving and the content will stay fresh and relevant. The course will be taught live, but recordings will be available to you in case you cannot attend one of the sessions live. It's a win, win! Live training, lifetime access, and recordings in case you miss one of the sessions.


Telepractice 40 hours a week x 51 weeks a year  x 8 years = TOO MANY HOURS (16,320 hours, give or take a few).  Isn't there a concept of 10K hours....?  

Check out the must-haves and optional programs and equipment you should know.  I've been around the 16K-hour block, and I speak to dozens of telepractitioners every year.   I know a thing or two because I have seen a thing or two.


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This course is for speech pathology

▷  graduate students
▷  clinical fellows
▷  new to telepractice
▷  want to land a fabulous telepractice job by learning the foundation skills and knowledge to land the job of their dreams and make the money they deserve
▷  love the idea of working from home with clients so you can have a flexible work schedule

+ You will learn from Genevieve Richardson, a telepractitioner with eight years of telepractice experience working with adults with neurological conditions

+ Highly knowledgable Zoom user

+ Understands EMR and telepractice integrations

+ This course is for SLPs who want to hear new information and ideas from the trenches of telepractice


+ Learn the components of successful telepractice for any age group
+ Offer options for a comprehensive evaluation for both standardized and non-standardized tests

+ Explain how to design functional and person-centered goals

+ Live, hands-on, interactive training utilizing a telepractice whiteboard and other internet resources

+ Discuss how to use evidence-based protocols to improve client outcomes

+ Describe how telepractice encourages client participation, engagement, and carryover of skills


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