Telepractice from A-to-Z

Learn Telepractice from A-to-Z, the course covers everything from technology, hands-on skills, setting your client up for success & more.

Designed for

  • Brand new speech pathologists within their first few years of working with or without telepractice experience

  • Graduate student clinicians

  • Recent graduates in speech pathology in their clinical fellowship year.

*By signing up you are committing to learning telepractice.  The content here, while not proprietary, it is unique to my practice and experience and as a result there are no refunds.

Course Summary

New, improved, and comprehensive course providing up-to-date best practices, technical training, evaluation and treatment considerations by age group, and licensure information that will also prepare you to:

✧ Learn the components of successful telepractice for any age group
✧ Offer options for both standardized and non-standardized tests
✧ Explain how to design functional and person-centered goals
✧ Hands-on interactive training discuss how to use evidence-based protocols to improve client outcomes
✧ Describe how telepractice encourages client participation, engagement, and generalization of skills.

Your instructor is Genevieve Richardson, a speech pathologist of twenty-eight years. She has worked exclusively via telepractice for the last eight years and has taught telepractice for over two years before the pandemic drove most clinicians into telepractice.

This course will be presented live over Zoom, with 4 hours of total training, and upon completing a quiz, you'll receive a certificate of completion.

As a bonus for FOUNDING Members, you will receive:

✧ Four hours of live, hands-on training
✧ Lifetime access to the course for as long as the course is offered
BONUS module about landing the telepractice job you dream of and understanding what telepractice employers' skills and qualities make you an excellent candidate.

Knowing about telepractice, whether you are seeking a telepractice position at this time or not, can make you stand out in a pool of other great candidates. Rise above the crowd!

Course content is for both new and seasoned clinicians regardless of telepractice experience. This course is ideal for grad students, clinical fellows, and speech pathologists early in their careers.

Course registration is $297.  However, for a limited time, Founding Members will receive a discounted price of $58.  

In exchange for this founding member price, you agree to provide feedback about the course content, format, and accessibility and provide a written testimonial about the course.

Additionally, you will also have "lifetime" access to the course, which means for as long as I am teaching the course, you will have access. Each time the course is presented, the recordings will be available in an exclusive members area. Telepractice is evolving, and the content will stay fresh and relevant.

The course will be taught live, but recordings will be available to you in case you cannot attend one of the sessions live. It's a win, win! Live training, lifetime access, and recordings in case you miss one of the sessions.

Lastly, you are welcome to invite your friends to join the course, but I am capping the first launch at 20 clinicians. Enroll today by clicking the button below. First come, first served with payment. No refunds. If you have paid but cannot attend the course live, you will still have lifetime access to the recordings.

I look forward to meeting you and preparing you for a successful telepractice career.

*By signing up you are committing to learning telepractice. The content here, while not proprietary, it is unique to my practice and experience and as a result there are no refunds.

Course Session Date(s)

The 1st course session will be live on Tuesday August 30 2022 7-9 PM central daylight time.

The 2nd course session will be live on Thursday September 1 2022 7-9 PM central daylight time.

If you can't make the live sessions, recordings will be available for you to watch in the exclusive member's area instead.

Founding Member's Price


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Founding Members will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and will receive a bonus module about What Employers are Looking For to Land Your Dream Telepractice Job.

*By signing up you are committing to learning telepractice. The content here, while not proprietary, it is unique to my practice and experience and as a result there are no refunds.

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Extra Information

You do not have to have a prerequisite for this course.  
A mindset of curiosity and flexibility is a plus!  
Seasoned therapists are welcome particularly if they want
to jump in on the founding members price.

Genevieve Richardson

Introducing Genevieve Richardson: The Visionary Behind LIFE Speech Pathology® + LIFE Aphasia Academy®

Welcome to a place where compassion and innovation converge to transform the lives of individuals facing aphasia and neurological challenges. I’m Genevieve Richardson, and I founded LIFE Speech Pathology® + LIFE Aphasia Academy® with a mission to provide holistic, unwavering support for our clients and their families, guiding them through every step of their journey.

Our Mission: Unwavering Support Across Every Step

We’re dedicated to supporting individuals and families navigating the challenges of aphasia and acquired neurological issues. Here’s how we make a difference:

  • Direct Outpatient Treatment: Tailored therapy sessions designed to meet the unique needs of each client, fostering communication and recovery.
  • Educational Resources & Empowerment: Access to a wealth of knowledge and tools that empower individuals and families to understand and manage aphasia effectively.
  • Online Telepractice Treatment in Many States: Specializing in telepractice, we've extended our reach to support families across the United States, breaking barriers to access quality care.
  • Aphasia Partner Coaching Program: Designed to meet the knowledge needs of Aphasia Partners to bridge the gap of information, resources, and support.
  • Flexible Access to Our Services: Recognized as a Medicare Part B provider, we also accommodate out-of-network insurance benefits, ensuring our personalized concierge services are accessible to those who need them the most.

The Listen for LIFE Aphasia Podcast: A Beacon of Hope and Connection

For anyone touched by aphasia, the Listen for LIFE Aphasia Podcast stands as a testament to resilience, understanding, and love. It’s more than just a podcast; it’s a community and a resource for hope, learning, and empowerment. Whether you’re seeking answers, comfort, or strategies to enhance communication, visit the podcast website, Listen for LIFE Aphasia Podcast to find an episode, topic, or "Ask Genevieve" your question about aphasia.

    Don't let aphasia keep you from enjoying a full and satisfying life.  Start your journey today.  Your life awaits.